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Let's keep it nice and clean: let's see, what do we have on our quest list?

:bulletpurple: ARISE, MY CHILD!
Draw an artistic personification of myself, or more clearly: come up with a persona.

:bulletblue:THE LOREMASTER - Every bard wants to be just like you! (1/5)
 :bulletgreen: (1) Upload your first story/poem!
 :bulletblack: (2) Share 3 stories/poems!
 :bulletblack: (3) Tell 5 stories/poems!
 :bulletblack: (4) Upload 10 stories/poems!
 :bulletblack: (5) Show what you've got: tell us 25 stories, wanderer!

Update: 2013.01.28. Finished the first chapter of this quest!
Translation: -
Nota bene!:
- Since my native language is hungarian, the original text is also in hungarian - the length of the translation may vary.
- There might be some smaller changes in the translated text, since there are some linguistical problems which are only avaidable due some more explanation, or adding some more details. It won't change the story itself though, so don't worry!
- I'll post the original texts as well - but they count as one.

:bulletpurple: A DEPT TO PAY
Draw a character I've been in debt to Nishikihebi :iconnishikihebi: for ages!

Doodle them crazy ideas you've been gathering for a time!

Practice poses, characters, expressions, and everything you find needed!

:bulletpurple: A HUNDRED PICTURES TELL 100000 WORDS
Start the 100 Themes challenge ( of AkiSmith :iconariensmith: !

What's what?

:bulletpurple: - Uncompleted quest
:bulletyellow: - Repeatable quest
:bulletblue: - Ongoing quest
:bulletgreen: - Completed quest

My self-given achievements

None yet, you lazy sloth! :stinkeye:

NOTE: Y'know, being artsy seems not to be my thing. I wrote this list more than a year ago, and I acomplished nothing. Not that anyone would care about it, but it really bothers me.
Anyway, I visit a psychiatrist once a week now, work at two places while still having classes at the uni... So I'd say that I don't really have much time to draw or write. Well, except the boring classes, where I'm working on my novel (I wish to finish the first half by the end of this year...).
I'm sorry for leaving you guys so alone.
I'm sorry for leaving meself alone.
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Rita Balkó
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Greetings, fellow traveller!

First of all: welcome to my domain, mortal! *evil laugh*
No, just kidding, take a seat, have a cookie, you'd like some tea? Is your chair comfy enough? Good! Now, let me introduce myself in my rather unusual way.
For I'll be 100% honest with you, my friend. People usually say really few things about themselves - and so should do I, for who am I to rob your expensive time?! - and they tend to stick to the positive ones, too.

I'm a difficult person to live with. I'm rhapsodic (oh BOY how much I love this word!) - or fitful, if that suits more - tend to be moody, I'm really temperamental and I have really low self-esteem, which fuels this evil machine.
But beside that, I'm a cheerful lass, I love to play and make others play (for life's too short to pass by in zombie mode, you know?). I might seem bipolar. Maybe I am.

I'd define myself as "Homo Ludens" for many reasons:
1. I'm a gamer myself, with a gamer family (my parents play GW2, my lill' brother always something new, and I've been playing video games for as long as I can remember).
2. I'm easily motivated if something is covered as a game, so I love to give myself achievements and points and small treats if I complete something. "Here, let's take a hike on that mountain, there's such a beautyful view! Well... Nah, thanks. There's a secret chest full of loot up there... *screaming back from top* You still down there?!"
3. I like to play, really. Alone, with friends, on computer or in person, be it a board-, card-, ballgame or RPG (I play Pathfinders!). And I think you can twist your boring job into a game, too. (Just keep your borders in sight. There's room for one fool here, you know, and the job's already taken.)

To take a turn to a more brief one: I'm a student from Hungary, studiing communication and german at the time - I wanna be (a paperback writeeeeer :tunes:) a radio-reporter. Among that, I study at a creative writing program at the same university. I love to write - I want to be a writer myself one day - but I lack the motivation and the time too many times. I mostly write fantasy. I also like to draw sketches, if I spend too much time on a piece, it'll end up much worse than the sketch itself. ^^'

Long story short: I'm a complicated adult (I'll be 21 this year) with a heart of a child, and a lill' bit way too much dreamdust in the head.

I hope I didn't scare you away, you seem a good fellow. Feel free to look around! You'll eventually find something nice around here.

A sidenote, before I let you live: my native language is hungarian. I've learned german for 13 years and english for 11 - but even now I make mistakes (grammar never was my strong side in foreign languages). So please: bear with me. I'm a grammar nazi myself, and I'll eventually crucify myself for the harsh mistakes, thank you.

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